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log hotel larch in lake kanayama


Higashishikagoe, Minamifurano Town, Sorachi County, Hokkaido Prefecture

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within Kanayama Lake Forest Park Log House Village. Kohan Campsite and campsite are nearby.

Transfer available → Pick up to the nearest station (advance notice required)

"Map code", 550284285 * 20


  • When using a car

    ≪Sapporo·New Chitose≫
    Sapporo JCT via the Douou Highway Chitose-Eniwa JCT, to the Obihiro direction on the Doto Expressway Shimukappu IC towards National Route 237 Furano, from Kanayama via Route 465 2 hours 30 minutes
    ※2 hours from Shinchitose Airport via the Do-o Expressway New Chitose Airport IC Shinchitose Airport Do-o Expressway New Chitose Airport IC via Chitose-Eniwa JCT on the Doto Expressway towards Obihiro

    ≪Direction to Obihiro≫
    Doto Expressway, Otofuke-Obihiro IC to Yubari / Chitose area- Tomamu IC Via Hokkaido Road 136, via National Route 38 Michi-no-eki Minamifurano, 1 hour 20 minutes

    ≪Directions to Asahikawa≫
    National Route 237, via Biei / Furano etc., from Kanayama via Route 465, 2 hours 00 minutes

  • When using a public agency

    JR case of JR
    ≪Sapporo·Chitose Airport≫
    Get off at Shimukappu Station or Tomamu Station on JR Sekisho Line

    ≪Directions to Asahikawa≫
    JR Furano Line to JR Nemuro Main Line JR Furano Line at Furano Station on JR Nemuro Main Line Furano Station JR Nemuro Main Line and get off at Higashi-Shikagoe Station

    ≪Direction to Obihiro≫
    Get off at Higashi-Shikagoe Station on the JR Nemuro Main Line

    ※We will pick you up to the nearest station.Please contact us in advance.

    In case of bus
    ≪Asahikawa and Obihiro≫
    Please use the intercity express bus "North Liner".(Reservation required)
    Asahikawa Station - Minamifurano Bussan center, 2 hours
    Obihiro Station before - Minamifurano Bussan center, 1 hour and 40 minutes