【Official】log hotel larch in lake kanayama

"In the quiet forest that does not relate to the hustle and bustle, and the healing space full of warmth of wood"

A quiet appearance surrounded by larch forest overlooking Lake Kanayama.
Authentic log hotel & cottage using larch (LARCH) material from Hokkaido

Warmth of natural wood, natural scent surrounded by dark green
Feeling wild birds singing
Have a relaxing time
Please enjoy the Larch style.

Information dispatch such as change of the four seasons around Log Hotel Larch!

About additional sale of Minomiwari 7/10 update

  • Additional sales will be available from 15:00 on July 10th 

    We are waiting for you. We will start accepting additional sales of "Hokkaido Wari" which is a limited accommodation support project for Hokkaido residents from 15:00 on Friday, July 10th.As with the last time, you can only make a reservation by "phone reservation".It may be difficult to connect because the number of calls will be concentrated right after the reservation starts, but we appreciate your understanding.
    For customers outside Hokkaido, we offer "HP and telephone reservations only! Weekdays in July "Let's stay this summer reasonably" Accommodation plan with full course with half board."This is a very reasonable plan to stay.We look forward to your reservation.

KAZUMI ART 2020 Notice of cancellation of solo exhibition.

  • Color pencil art Kazumi Notice of cancellation of solo exhibition.

    We have decided to cancel the solo exhibition of "2020 Kazumi", which will be the 13th time this year.
    We kindly ask all of you who are planning to visit us.
    Please note that the 2021 calendar will be sold as it is every year.
    ※Calendar sales are donated to social welfare.


  • "New Hokkaido Style"Larch Peace of Larch About the efforts of Log Hotel Larch

    log hotel larch in lake kanayama, the fight against the new coronavirus infection is prolonged
    A new lifestyle for the people of Hokkaido to practice the "new lifestyle" shown by the country in Hokkaido
    "New Hokkaido Style" to be built in collaboration with IL and the new business style of businesses in Hokkaido
    I will work on it.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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