【Official】log hotel larch in lake kanayama

"In the quiet forest that does not relate to the hustle and bustle, and the healing space full of warmth of wood"

A quiet appearance surrounded by larch forest overlooking Lake Kanayama.
Authentic log hotel & cottage using larch (LARCH) material from Hokkaido

Warmth of natural wood, natural scent surrounded by dark green
Feeling wild birds singing
Have a relaxing time
Please enjoy the Larch style.

About nationwide travel support "HOKKAIDO LOVE! Discount"

  • 【Important】About how to get support coupons

    With the nationwide travel support "HOKKAIDO LOVE! Wari", if you meet the necessary conditions such as vaccination, you will receive a discount on the travel fee and Hokkaido support coupons (electronic coupons) that can be used for shopping.
    ※To obtain Hokkaido support coupons, after making a reservation, access "STAY NAVI" by yourself, enter the necessary information, present it at check-in, and receive the coupon.For details, see HOKKAIDO LOVE! Wari secretariat Please check the website of the STAYNAVI secretariat.

About nationwide travel support "HOKKAIDO LOVE! Discount"

  • Nationwide travel support "HOKKAIDO LOVE! Discount" has been extended until the end of March 2023.

    Nationwide travel support "HOKKAIDO LOVE! Wari" has been extended.
    Extension period is from January 10, 2023 to March 31, 2023(Until April 1st check-out)
    ※Not valid from December 28th to January 9th.
    Reservation starts from 00:00 on December 22nd
    Various accommodation plan such as ski packs and accommodation plan with pets will be on sale.Would you like to make a reservation at this opportunity?
    ※There are conditions for use such as 3 or more vaccinations and documents that can verify your identity, so please check when making a reservation.
    ※Hokkaido support coupons will be changed to electronic coupons.To obtain it, please register with STAY NAVI by yourself and fill in the necessary information and present it.

 Information on restaurant business

  • About restaurant business during winter

    We would like to inform you about restaurant operations during the winter season from November 1st to April 30th, 2023.For the winter season, reservations are required up to 3 days in advance.We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

Please enjoy the "Totou" experience in nature.

  • Room 205 limited barrel sauna

    A barrel sauna is available only in Room 205.
    You can also experience "roryu", which involves pouring water over the sauna stones on the stove to generate steam.A cold bath is also available, so you can enjoy the "Totou" experience at any time, regardless of the season.Why not refresh your mind and body while feeling the warmth of wood? Yuamigi (jacket and shorts) are also available.

    Please call to make a reservation as it is limited to one building.

    Usage fee is 10,000 yen including tax.

    We also have a movable tent sauna.If you have a request, please contact us at the time of booking.

Recommended for cottages in the cold season!

  • Shabu-shabu meat set on sale

    We have cassette stoves, shabu-shabu pots, etc.You are free to bring in drinks and ingredients.

    ◆Wagyu shabu-shabu set 5,500 yen per person(tax included)
     Hokkaido Wagyu beef rib roast and vegetables

    ◆Beef shabu-shabu set 4,400 yen per person(tax included)
     Hokkaido crossbred beef rib roast and vegetables

    ◆Pork shabu-shabu set 2,750 yen per person(tax included)
     Hokkaido pork shoulder loin and vegetables

    ※The above contents may change slightly depending on the season and purchasing situation.
    If you would like a shabu-shabu set, please contact us at least one week before your stay.

Recommended for those considering barbecue at the cottage

  • We sell yakiniku set

    4,400 yen per person(tax included)
    American beef ribs (raw) 200g
    American beef sagari (raw) 150g
    American beef tongue 100g
    Hokkaido tontoro 100g

    7,700 yen per person(tax included)
    Tokachi Ayami beef sirloin 130g
    Hokkaido Special Kalbi 150g
    Ezo deer loin 80g
    American beef sagari 150g
    American beef tongue 100g

    Seasonings such as salt, pepper, sauce and rice such as rice balls are not included.
    The above information may change slightly depending on the season and purchasing situation.
    If you would like a yakiniku set, please contact us at least 5 days before your stay.

Information dispatch such as change of the four seasons around Log Hotel Larch!


  • "New Hokkaido Style"Larch Peace of Larch About the efforts of Log Hotel Larch

    log hotel larch in lake kanayama, the fight against the new coronavirus infection is prolonged
    A new lifestyle for the people of Hokkaido to practice the "new lifestyle" shown by the country in Hokkaido
    "New Hokkaido Style" to be built in collaboration with IL and the new business style of businesses in Hokkaido
    I will work on it.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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