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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'd like to stay with pets

    Only 4 cottages (1 building for 8 people, 3 buildings for 5 people) It is possible to stay with pets.
    You need to contact us at the time of Continue reading
  • On cottage self-catering equipment

    The contents of the self-catering equipment will be as follows.rice cooker·microwave·Hot plate·Toaster oven·Electric pot·IH electric cooker·Continue reading
  • What is the response to those who have allergies?

    It will be a food meal for allergen ingredients as requested by customers at the time of reservation.Although we are making efforts to preveContinue reading
  • Internet can be used in rooms etc.

    ·The optical line was opened in June 2011.
    ·In the hotel and the cottage there is a cord for personal computer connection at the position ofContinue reading
  • Accommodation with pets?

    2 cottages for 5 people, 1 for 8 people, limited, accommodation accompanied by pets (dogs, cats etc) is accepted.
    If you would like to stay Continue reading
  • I want to know the map code for car navigation system.

    We have acquired the map code for car navigation system, so please use it.

    "Map code", 550284285 * 20

    For car navigation systems where * (Continue reading
  • Are cottage self-catering facilities etc. in place?

    It is a full-fledged log cottage using the log (log) of larch from Hokkaido.
    From the terrace, you can see the "Lake Kanayama" through the tContinue reading
  • What is a public bath?

    Unfortunately there is no public bath in the hotel area.
    Each room in the hotel and the bathroom in the cottage are the only.
    "Lake KanayamaContinue reading
  • The entrance to the hotel?

    The entrance to the hotel is marked with a picture sign.
    I light up at night.
    Turned on the signboard as a sign, go straight ahead and the hContinue reading

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