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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'd like to stay with pets

    Only four cottages (two for eight people and four for five people) allow pets.
    You need to contact us at the time of reservation.1 pet / 2,0Continue reading
  • On cottage self-catering equipment

    The contents of the self-catering equipment will be as follows.Rice cooker, microwave, hot plate, portable stove (gas sold separately), toasContinue reading
  • What is the response to those who have allergies?

    It will be a food meal for allergen ingredients as requested by customers at the time of reservation.Although we are making efforts to preveContinue reading
  • Internet can be used in rooms etc.

    Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms
  • Accommodation with pets?

    There are four cottages for five people and two for eight people, and we accept guests with pets (dogs, cats, etc.).
    If you would like to stContinue reading
  • I want to know the map code for car navigation system.

    We have acquired the map code for car navigation system, so please use it.

    "Map code", 550284285 * 20

    For car navigation systems where * (Continue reading
  • Are cottage self-catering facilities etc. in place?

    The kitchen facilities include a refrigerator, rice cooker, microwave, toaster oven, electric kettle, electric cooking appliance, portable sContinue reading
  • What is a public bath?

    Unfortunately there is no public bath in the hotel area.
    Each room in the hotel and the bathroom in the cottage are the only.
    "Lake KanayamaContinue reading
  • The entrance to the hotel?

    The entrance to the hotel is marked with a picture sign.
    I light up at night.
    Turned on the signboard as a sign, go straight ahead and the hContinue reading

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