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Job Information

Why do not you join us with privileged nature?

  • Recruiting staff

    Why do not you join us with privileged nature?
    log hotel larch in lake kanayama, both our customers and our staff are aiming for a bright workplace with a constant smile.

    Recruitment of staff (full-time employee, part-time worker) is done irregularly.
    If you are interested please email us or call us first.

    Current,Looking for hall staff / bed make-up part

    ※There is company residence, employee appointment available, if there is hope
     Annual holiday 108 days (basically 2 days on weekly basis, deformed labor system, with seasonal fluctuation)
     Annual paid vacation, Various special vacation at various kinds of festivities


    mail: info@larch.jp
    TEL, 0167-52-3100
    FAX, 0167-52-3180

    〒 079 2411, Higashishikagoe, Minamifurano Town, Sorachi County, Hokkaido Prefecture
             Lake Kanayama Log Hotel Larch

                         Responsible, Sasaki