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Job Information

Why do not you join us with privileged nature?

  • Recruiting staff

    Why do not you join us with privileged nature?
    log hotel larch in lake kanayama, both our customers and our staff are aiming for a bright workplace with a constant smile.

    Recruitment of staff (full-time employee, part-time worker) is done irregularly.
    If you are interested please email us or call us first.

    Current, Recruiting cooking staff

    ※There is company residence, employee appointment available, if there is hope
     Annual holiday 108 days (basically 2 days on weekly basis, deformed labor system, with seasonal fluctuation)
     Annual paid vacation, Various special vacation at various kinds of festivities


    mail: info@larch.jp
    TEL, 0167-52-3100
    FAX, 0167-52-3180

    〒 079 2411, Higashishikagoe, Minamifurano Town, Sorachi County, Hokkaido Prefecture
             Lake Kanayama Log Hotel Larch

                         Responsible, Sasaki
                            Mountain, Saki